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G.I.M.P.P.D. stands for Get Into Multiclass Project Permanent Death.  It represents the greatest challenge a player can have in Dungeons and Dragons Online.  All characters are randomly generated using the rules in this thread on the DDO forums and character deaths are final, barring some type of in quest character ressurection.  Unlike other permanent death guilds, players are allowed to use ressurection shrines to accomplish this; however, the caveat is that a character cannot use a ressurection shrine more than once per instance.  Upon death, characters must be removed from the guild and either re-rolled, or retired from permanent death (assuming the player wants to keep the character).

There are no restrictions on grouping, however, the same loot and inventory restrictions apply as posted on the original thread.  No hand me down twinks, no auction house etc. and end rewards can only be passed off by other G.I.M.P.P.D members.  Additionally, unlike other permanent death guilds, quest farming for xp/items is not prohibited; however, the holding the box method of xp farming is not allowed. 

Airship buffs are permitted from the G.I.M.P.P.D. airship only, assuming members remain alive long enough for the guild to earn the guild favor, and there are enough guild resources available on characters, to purchase one.  There is no standing policy on the maintence of guild ammenities; if you want em' you buy em'.

It is incumbent on the individual players to self-enforce the rules upon themselves, there is no G.I.M.P.P.D. rule enforcement taskforce.  However, if it is found out that a member intentionally violates any of the rules, the member will be removed from the guild as the have demonstrated a lack of interest in the requisite playstyle.


For reference, the rules listed in the original post are as follows:

Originally Posted by THE RULES
A GIMP is a character of a randomly chosen race, with three randomly chosen classes, who randomly chooses one of his three classes to advance upon leveling. GIMPs are generally ill-equipped. You'll find no twinks here!

Character creation

Players will need to make official rolls. An official roll is a die roll made with 2 guild witnesses.

First step is to select the race, by rolling 1D8:
1- WF
2- Human
3- Dwarf
4- Halfling
5- Elf
6- Drow
7- Half Elf
8 - Half Orc

Then, a players rolls for classes. He rolls on 1d10 (if you want to try for FVS, roll a 1d12 instead and ignore the 12) until he gets 3 different classes that are compatible. Remember, (Monk + Paladin) and (Bard + Barb) are exclusive because of alignments. Once a class is rolled, it cannot be rejected unless it is excluded by a prior class.

1- Paladin
2- Monk
3- Fighter
4- Cleric
5- Rogue
6- Ranger
7- Wizard
8- Sorc
9- Bard
10- Barbarian
11 -Favoured Soul

Then, the player creates his character (using the standard 28 point buy). Upon level 3, he must have 1 level of each class.


At level 4, and for all future levels, the class is chosen randomly. So the player make an official roll (2 witness) on 1d3 to select what class he will be leveling up.

Fent makes a GIMP. He rolls 4 on a D6. He is a Halfling. Then he rolls an 8 on a D10, he is a sorc. Then he rolls a 1, he is a Paladin. He next rolled a 10, barbarian, but he can't be a barbarian since he is already a paladin. So he rolls again and gets a 8. No good, he is already sorcerer. He finally rolls a 5, rogue, so Fent will be a Halfling Sorc/Paladin/Rogue

He decides to start at level 1 as a rogue for the skill points. Then, at level 2, he goes Paladin, and picks sorcerer at level 3.

At level 4, he makes an official roll on a D3, telling his mates that 1 = rog, 2= pal, 3 = sorc. He rolls a 3. Fent will thus level up sorcerer at lvl 4 and become a Rogue 1/Paladin 1/Sorcerer 2

wait wait wait wait
That means we can't plan anything ahead!


Gimp multiclassing means nothing if you dual wield vorpals, so the loot is also very restricted:

- A GIMP can only use what he gets in the chests, or as end rewards. He can also use the money he gets to buy from regular merchants (pots, scrolls, wands).
- A GIMP cannot, ever, use the brokers or the auction house.
- A GIMP can pass an item in the chest to a fellow party GIMP.
- A GIMP can give an item he recieved as an end reward to a party member, if done immediately after the quest. Once the group disband, or once a new quest is selected, the trade cannot happen. This way, after a quest, a group of GIMPs can all banter together as they select end-rewards.
- A GIMP cannot receive any items from another source.
- The only exception is, at ONE time, a gimp can receive, ONCE, a collapsed portable hole and the 10k needed to activate it. Backpack space is quality of life, and has nothing to do with character performance.
- A gimp can also receive large collectible, gem and ingredient bags, as these are also QoL issues.
- A fellow party member can, before, during, or after a quest, give potions, wands and arrows, to a fellow member.

Other Rules

- GIMPs can use hirelings
- GIMPs can use any lame, cheesy, strategy, like safe spots, etc..., because, after all, they are gimps, and will need all the help they can get.
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